“Elgia has world-leading scientists in the biology of innate immunity, inflammation and wound healing responses. We are delighted to partner with them to develop novel treatments for chronic inflammatory and fibrotic diseases.”

Dr. Zhixiong Ye
Chief Scientific Officer of Viva Biotech

Seed funding from Viva BioInnovator and ChangRong Capital

Viva BioInnovator (VBI) is the investment division of Viva Biotech Holdings (1873.HK). We are solely dedicated to the identification and success of early-stage biotech start-ups for Viva’s incubation, equity-for-service, and investment platforms. Our commitment is to operate a collaborative platform for innovative biotech companies from around the world, and for anyone aiming to develop an idea with transformative or strong potential.

ChangRong Capital started in 2007 with a big idea: aspire with us, inspire tomorrow. We have built deep business expertise in Xiamen Special Economic Zone and we are dedicated to equity investment in innovative drugs, semiconductor, medical devices, and other high-tech industries. With seven innovative drugs funds launched (three RMB funds and four Dollar funds), we keep a close eye on global economic trends and are continually expanding our global network to benefit companies in our portfolio—many of which are world class medicine research platforms such as Viva Vision, Dogma Therapeutics, Arthrosi Therapeutics, Anji Pharmaceuticals, Proviva Therapeutics, and Elgia Therapeutics, of which Viva Vision, Sinomed, and Linked-Biotech Pathology have been listed.