Novel target platform for metabolic inflammation, fibrosis and inflammasome pathologies

The Elgia team has discovered how metabolic stress drives inflammation and fibrosis and has identified untapped protein targets for small molecule drug discovery. By combining these pioneering biological insights with R&D expertise, Elgia is creating innovative medicines for debilitating chronic diseases.

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Keystones of Elgia’s Unique Drug Discovery Platform

Biology Insight

Intersection of untapped biology, unique MOA, efficacy, and safety

Disease and Drug
Discovery Depth

Exceptional foundation for drug discovery from combined experience of leadership

Highly Enabled
Drug Development

Advanced chemical matter, SBDD and clinical know-how to move assets quickly

Expansive Pipeline

Multiple clinical applications
for metabolic, inflammatory
and fibrotic diseases

Positioned to deliver first-in-class and best-in-class therapies

The Elgia approach to controlling inflammation and fibrosis is anchored in the deep knowledge of caspase and kinase molecular targets and the roles played in chronic diseases.

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